In order to assist debtors in successfully completing their Chapter 13 cases, there are several resources available for managing a Chapter 13 case, seeking legal advice, obtaining bankruptcy documents, etc.

Please be advised that the Trustee and her office are strictly probhibited from providing legal advice. The information on this page are for informational purposes only and do not constitute as legal advice.

Para obtener información en Español, haga clic aquí y aquí.

Information for Debtors Without an Attorney (In Pro-Per)

Debtors are not required to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with an attorney. Those who wish to file for bankruptcy without an attorney are referred to as "In Pro-Per" cases. All debtors who file as "in pro-per" are responsible for properly completing and filing all documents and motions.

For more information, please visit the Central District of California Bankruptcy Court here.

To download a "Declaration for Debtors Without an Attorney," please click here: here. Para obtener el "Declaracion Para El Deudor Sin Abogado" en Español, haga clic aquí

If you think you need an attorney and need assistance in finding one, the Trustee and her office are prohibited from providing recommendations for an attorney. However, the Califonia State Bar website has resources for finding the right attorney, which you can access on their website: click here.

Information for Debtors With an Attorney

If you have an attorney and you are not satisfied with their services or are having issues with an attorney, the Trustee cannot recommend a new attorney. However, the California State Bar has a guide for what to do if you experience issues with an attorney, which you can access on their website: click here.

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