There are two options in which a bankruptcy case may be viewed - via the National Data Center or the Chapter 13 Trustee Online Case Status System website. Please read the instructions below for accessing each site.

National Data Center

The National Data Center is an organization dedicated to helping debtors complete their Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases. In order to view a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, registration is required. The registration is free and please click on the button below for further instructions.

Attorneys, please click here.

Chapter 13 Trustee Online Case Status System

The Chapter 13 Trustee Online Case System allows debtors to view their Chapter 13 bankruptcy case information. Registration is not required and it is free to access the site.

*NOTE: Please read the following instructions carefully:

  1. 1. After clicking on the link below, you will click on "Nancy Curry."
  2. 2. Enter the case number in the following format: "1234567." EXAMPLE: if the case number is "2:12-bk-34567," enter "1234567."
  3. 3. Enter the last 4 digits of the debtor's SSN.