Information for Submitting Tax Returns & Refunds

Bankruptcy laws require that all Chapter 13 debtors submit their tax returns each year they are in bankruptcy. In addition, tax refunds are also required to be sent to the Trustee.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all debtors are encouraged to send their tax returns to the Trustee via email. For more information, please refer to the "Sending Tax Returns via Email" in the "How To Submit Tax Returns" section below.

In order to determine how much of your refund needs to be submitted to the Trustee, please either consult your attorney or refer to your copy of the Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan.

  • Debtors without email access may send copies of their tax returns via regular mail. Please be advised that it is strongly recommended that only copies are sent because original hard copies of tax returns will not be returned.
  • All debtors are required to provide their name and bankruptcy case number with the copies of their returns.
  • Sending Tax Returns via Regular Mail

  • All tax returns must be mailed to the address listed below.Tax returns mailed to the PO Box address in Memphis, Tennessee will not be processed.
    • Tax Return Mailing Address:

      Nancy Curry Chapter 13 Trustee
      1000 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 870
      Los Angeles, CA 90017
  • Sending Tax Returns via Email

  • All tax returns can be emailed to:
  • Please be sure to include your name and Bankruptcy case number in your email.
  • Debtors may submit their tax refund via cashier's check, certified check, money order, or online. The Trustee's office does NOT accept personal checks. Please follow the instructions below for submitting tax refunds.
  • Cashier's Check/Money Order

  • 1. All cashier's checks or money orders must be made out to: "Nancy Curry Chapter 13 Trustee." Checks and money orders made out to "Bankruptcy Trustee" or anything other than "Nancy Curry Chapter 13 Trustee" WILL NOT be accepted.
  • 2. The debtor's name and bankruptcy case number must be listed on the payment. Failure to do so will result in the payment being returned. Also, please indicate that the payment is a tax refund.
  • Below is an example of how to properly make out the refund:
  • 3. Tax refunds sent to the Trustee's office in Los Angeles will not be accepted. Tax refunds must be sent to the following address:

    • Nancy Curry Chapter 13 Trustee
      PO BOX 1403
      Memphis, TN 38101
  • Online via TFS Billpay

  • Debtors may submit their tax refund online via TFS BillPay. In order to do so, registration is required, though registration is free. If you already have an account with TFS, simply log into you account.
  • When submitting your payment, please be sure to select "Tax Refund" as the payment type. If you do not select this option, we will not be able to determine whether or not the payment is a tax refund.
  • If you forget to select the "Tax Refund" payment type and you've already submitted your refund, please contact our office here.